This Week's Movie Updates
WEDNESDAY, 02 JANUARY 2013 - 08:08:53 PM

To address all standard questions that usually surrounds a movie's release, and to make sure that all your questions are answered, we've put together the following list of information, which we hope would be helpful to you.

Please read, and if you have any follow-up questions that are not answered here, feel free to ask us on twitter @blitzmegaplex.


Release date: 2 January 2013
Locations: all sites except for blitz KM (Kepri Mall) & BPP (Balikpapan Plaza)
Format: Regular

Release date: 3 January 2013
Locations: all sites except for blitz KM (Kepri Mall)
Format: Regular

Release date: 4 January 2013
Locations: all sites
Format: Regular, 2D


Sneak preview: 4 January 2013
Locations: All sites except blitz KM (Kepri Mall)
Format: Regular
Tentatively slated to open for regular schedule next week.

The following movies are tentatively slated for January period:
The Gangster Squad, Les Miserables, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, A Haunted House, Love For Beginners (Japanese).


Yes, there will be Indonesian subtitles for all format (35mm, 2D, 3D).

You can buy directly at counter, or you can buy online if you have a blitzCard.
Hint: As long as the schedule for any movie has already been published on our website, that means anyone can buy tickets to those shows, via any channel. This means you can buy today to see a movie two days from now, either online at at the counter, as long as the schedule for that show has been made available on our website.

2D Digital
2D Digital refers to movies projected using a digital projector. For most people, the difference between regular movie print (35mm) and 2D Digital isn't visible, especially when a movie has just been released. But a traditional movie reel might get scratches on it after repeated screenings, whereas digital movies will stay clear. Think of it roughly as cassettes vs. digital files in a hard disk or server.

RealD 3D
RealD is the 3D technology being used at blitzmegaplex cinemas. RealD uses image polarization, projected onto a special silver screen which reflects back light, to create bright, crips, ultra-realistic images for the viewers.

All 3D auditoriums at blitzmegaplex locations uses RealD 3D Technology. The difference in 3D pricing is due to location, not due to any difference in quality.

3D Clip-Ons
When you watch a 3D movie at blitzmegaplex, you will be issued a normal 3D glasses for the movie, which you return at the end of the show. For people who are wearing glasses and don't want to double up their glasses, you can choose to buy the 3D clip-ons, available at the blitzShoppe for 75rb (60rb if you pay by blitzCard).

Please note that the clip-on can only be used in RealD 3D auditoriums only.

Ticket Price
Ticket price varies depending on feature, day, and location. To get pricing info from our website: choose a cinema (under Schedule), and you'll see the pricing info on the right-hand column.

Seating Chart
Wondering how many seats we've got left for a particular showtime? From our website, click 'Tickets' and proceed as directed.

"How long will you play..."
We don't know, because we don't decide ahead of time how long a movie stays on screen. It all depends on the audience's level of interest. We review attendance and adjust the movie's programming accordingly. If you want to be safe, try to watch a Hollywood movie within 2 weeks of its release. It's possible the movie will stay 3-4 weeks total, but the number of shows in the latter weeks will be decreased.

Auditorium Tips

  • Tips for GI:
    Biggest Audi: Audi 1 & 2.
    2D Digital is playing at Audi 7 & 8.
    RealD 3D is in Audi 4 & 9 (9 is bigger.)
  • Tips for PVJ:
    Biggest Audi: Audi 2.
    2D Digital is playing at Audi 4 & 7.
    RealD 3D is in Audi 3.
  • Tips for PP:
    Biggest is Audi 1 & 2.
    2D Digital is in Audi 6 & 7 (7 is bigger).
    RealD 3D in Audi 2.
  • Tips for TK:
    Biggest is Audi 1.
    2D Digital is in Audi 4 & 6.
    RealD 3D in Audi 2.
  • Tips for BCP:
    Biggest is Audi 1.
    2D Digital is in Audi 1, 2, 3, 5 & 8.
    RealD 3D in Audi 4.
  • Tips for MOI:
    Biggest is Audi 1.
    2D Digital is in Audi 5 & 8 (8 is bigger).
    RealD 3D in Audi 6 & 9 (9 is bigger).
  • Tips for CP:
    Biggest audi is Audi 2.
    2D Digital is in Audi 8 & 10.
    RealD 3D is in Audi 1.


Interested in getting a blitzCard so you can buy tickets online, collect point rewards, and get discounts at various merchants? Simply buy a starter pack at any blitzmegaplex locations. Normal starter pack costs about 100rb (10rb for the admin fee, 90rb for the initial card balance). You can use blitzCard at all blitz locations.
Please note: You must register your card at a blitzCard Machine when you first get your starter pack.
Registration at BTM helps activate Online Balance (which is needed to buy tickets online). Without registration, you will not be able to top-up your online balance and buy using online channels.

blitzCard: Where You Can Buy Tickets

  1. blitzTicketMachine at any blitz (for that location only, same day purchase only)

  2. blitzCardMachine at any blitz (for that location only, advanced purchase only)

  3. Website:

  4. Mobile Site, accessible via iPad, iPhone, or any smartphone or PDA: or

  5. Blackberry: Launcher can be downloaded at

  6. blitzDroid for Android phones:

blitzCard > How To Top Up Your Online Balance
You need an online balance in order to buy tickets via our online system.

To active your online balance, make sure you have registered your card at a blitzCardMachine after your purchased it (and if you bought your card PRIOR to November 1, 2010, then make sure you have re-registered your card after that date).

After you activate your Online Balance you can either Transfer your Card Balance to your Online Balance using blitzCardMachine. Or you can top-up directly to your online Balance.

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